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My name is Rob, me fuckingfreemovies and my best m8 was with my parents one night, I had a double bed and a sofa bed in my room. I was in bed with a pair of boxer ck down. my m8 fuckingfreemovies was on the couch. watchin us hard core porn. I was very hot and my cock was rock hard, I started to rub, I could see movement in my blanket m8s. I knew what he was doing was masturbating ! We talked about fantasies etc, fuckingfreemovies asked me if I was not going to do something, now an open mind, so I said there was nothing they would not even try. He said it was the same, so I asked him what he thought. He said he wanted to wank a man, suck n fuck a man and have done the same to him to kiss him. The ASKD what I thought I told him I had thought to try, but do not know who could be trusted to deal with. At this point, the two friends. Next thing I knew was gettin on my bed, went against each other fuckingfreemovies and started kissing, I felt fantastic, then I put my hand on his crotch and fit was difficult to undo his pants, his cock and I fuckingfreemovies pulld wankd, did the same to me. After a few minutes, grunted, came and came all the eggs out of my hand, took him from me and I came. I took off my underwear, while we suckd kissed again and found myself on the 69 position, i licked all his cum and sucking caught in the tail, which made ​​filld then I started rimming my mouth and swallowed his hot cum Saliva everything and then I came in her mouth and swallowed it too. Then he began to kiss again, and he said he loves me, put me on my back and legs pulled up to his ears, fingers n licked my butt hole until it reached three fingers in me, then asked his warm, wet cock against my hole and was pushed until it stops, that God was great. he began to fuck in the first Then slowly, leaning forward and we kissed, which began to accelerate, and said it would end, so I wraped my legs around his back and pulled him in tight, and I felt he kissd jet his semen in me was incredible. Then put it on my back and I love him, his tight ass filled full of sperm. Finally, got in each other's arms with sperm just Kisinger our butts and when we woke up, fuckingfreemovies kissed and began again over again My advice to people who are his punches, not until you try it. in the now happily married, but still fucking boys
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